If you have "no place to go," come here!

Then you'll spread your wings, and you'll take to the sky


McClatchy's Joe Galloway on summertime:

The planes loaded with flag-draped coffins soar over the Atlantic coast sunbathers to land at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, the site of the military mortuary, unseen as they come home to a nation that barely noticed when they left so full of hope and dreams. Your government, your president, has banned cameras from Dover so those images won't intrude on your good times and good life.

The planes loaded with the scores of wounded - some of them double and triple amputees with bodies and brains shattered by the roadside bombs and mines that are responsible for two-thirds of our casualties - fly over the beachfront bars and restaurants and land at Andrews Air Force Base outside the nation's capital in the dark of night. The administration doesn't want too many people noticing them, either.

Let's all do our part by going shopping!

Clever flight plans, though. I wonder who does them? Jeppeson, who also does the torture flights?

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I wanted to let you know Joe and all the McClatchy correspondents will have a new site and many new tools launching early next week (probably Monday) at Among other things, the foreign correspondents now all have blogs, which look to be terrific. There will be Q&A forums with staffers, user submitted video opinions, multiple editorial cartoons, new blogs and the rest. I can send you a preview site link if you want to have an advance look. hweaver (at)