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The word is pronounced "ek-ster-NAL-i-tee"

More great work from anti-fracking forces in CO:

Oil and gas companies drilling and operating future wells in unincorporated Boulder County may be assessed impact fees to mitigate the wear-and-tear their heavy trucks and other company vehicles are projected to cause on county roads.

The transportation impacts that oil and gas exploration and production might have on parts of eastern Boulder County's roadway network -- an area where drilling is most likely to begin, once a moratorium on accepting new drilling permit applications expires -- could cost the county as much as $27.6 million in road repairs, reconstruction and associated safety improvements over a 16-year period, consultants told the Board of County Commissioners on Thursday afternoon.

Those impacts would include the deterioration that the heavy oil and gas trucks are expected to cause on unpaved and gravel county roads the companies may use to access the well sites, resulting in the need for grading, re-graveling, and more frequent application of dust suppressants, according to the consultants -- representatives of BBC Research and Consulting and of Felsburg Holt and Ullevig, a transportation engineering firm -- as well as George Gerstle, chairman of Boulder County's Transportation Department.

Ten to one, a hundred to one -- based on my experience here with anti-landfill work -- this story is only in the paper because of tireless work by activists in putting the issues before citizens and the County Commissioners, and helping reporters connect the dots.

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