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The weirdest self-licking ice cream cone I've ever seen

It works goes this:

The narrative is that the Ds (and Obama) are weak, and so career "progressives" like Kos et al. have to be strong FOR THEM. And so the Ds "cave," there's momentary outrage at D weakness, and then a new funding cycle to "make them do it" begins again, there is lots and lots of anxiety over whether the Ds will cave this time -- and lots of email demanding that we "tell them," "stand with, etc., with money flowing by the numbers from the clickthroughs, percentages taken from the contributions -- and then... The Ds "cave" again, there's momentary outrage...

In reality, of course, the Ds are doing exactly what they want, which is to throw their previous base under the bus and become the Republicans except wtih gay marrirage and without the overt racism.* This particuilar self-licking ice cream cone has been going on since at list 2006, and probably earlier.

NOTE * Systemic racism in the form of -- to pick but one example -- mass incarceration is off the table and must never be mentioned. Only individuals with the wrong class and cultural markers can be racists. It is not, for example, racist to shed tears at the death of (white) children in Connecticut while cooly blowing (brown) children to pink mist with drown strikes in Afghanistan. Because Obama.

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Submitted by tom allen on

If President Barack Obama has a flaw, it's his obviously overwhelming desire to appear reasonable and conciliatory and "work together" to find "compromise" and "get things done".

He doesn't quite admit that his Leader may be imperfect -- but if he does, it's that he's just too doggone nice.  Also, one assumes, he's too much of a perfectionist and a workaholic to boot.  (Can you tell I had another job interview this morning?   Disemployment is such fun.)