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The vampire squid sinks its blood funnel into Europe

A really appalling chart showing showing how Golden Sacks owns the new European leadership.

The German people might really take the idea of "First, they came for the Greeks...." to heart. These locusts won't stop chewing 'til all the grain is gone, and then they'll eat each other.


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He called this Goldman's commitment to "public service." After the squids quit, they become Gov. of New Jersey, or Treasury Secretary, or Prime Minister of Italy.

This really isn't new. But lately it's been laid bare that this was always a business strategy. "Saavy businessmen," indeed. Mussolini would be proud.

Some days I wonder if the Squid is a corporation or a cult, like Yves once said. Same difference, I guess.

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Someone needs to use suid tentacles in this graph of corruption. And will somebody explain to me the use of "technocrat" as a good thing? Sounds kinda cold and know...banality of evil deal.