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The U.S. Digital Service

Via NPR:

Mikey Dickerson is the administrator of the newly created U.S. Digital Service, which the White House describes as a "small team of America's best digital experts" that will work on making federal websites more consumer friendly.

Dickerson, a former Google engineer who helped rescue from technical* disaster, says he won't be wearing suits most of the time at his new job. ...

"The government shouldn't be a thing that you automatically dread," Dickerson says. [I wish I could agree.] "Things like filing your taxes, this is on the list of things that people ... usually mention in the same sentence as like going to the dentist ... . It's probably never going to be exactly fun ... . [But] things like that should be a process that you go through and immediately forget about because it wasn't any big deal."

But it's still to be seen whether Dickerson's team will have enough authority to make wholesale changes in the way the government procures IT projects and runs its technology systems.

I hope not. Because right now rules and regulations exist in paper form. The rule of law exists in paper form. So I foresee real "code is law" problems if DIckerson does get his authority.

NOTE * And political disaster, though not moral disaster.