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The Ukrainian crisis explained

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Something wrong with the link or something is wrong we me. Here's more on this.

This site has some good stuff on it about this all Amerikan event in the making but looks like the Russians will finish it.

Fun read with insight just shows how out of touch the belt way really is.

Then last but a great piece by Pepe Escobar.

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A couple of observations:

First, some of those billions are owed to Russian companies like Gazprom. Second, how many of those billions were looted by Ukrainian kleptocrats and members of Ukraine's corrupt political classes? Third, how quickly we revert to Cold War and Great Game cliches. The issues here as they are pretty much everywhere are kleptocracy and class war. It is not whether Ukraine will be looted but by whom. Ukrainian speakers are set against Russian speakers who are set against Crimean Tatars. East is set against West. These conflicts are just screens to weaken the 99%s and enable the looters and further looting. That is what we need to stay focused on.