If you have "no place to go," come here!

The Tribes at Unity Rally at the State House in Augusta, ME

Pretty awesome. Where I was today; taken with my iPad and then YouTubed.

UPDATE I just put up this video because I thought the chanting was beautiful. However, the rally was really a "unity" rally for all the tiny left wing splinter groups in the state (with whom, for some reason, the tribes feel affinity). And since getting all the lefties in one place is like herding cats, I view this rally as a very hopeful sign. Of course, the messaging was horrible -- a laundry list with one item per splinter -- but the fact of mutual synchronous presence is more important than the messaging. On the way out, I asked the main chanter whether it would be disrespectful publish the video, and he said no, they wanted to get the word out, that's why they were there. So I asked him why were they there, and he said "Creation. Our children." Which struck me as a much more focused and resonant message than I was hearing from the organizers. But perhaps everybody will listen and learn.

Here's a site on the tribes in Maine. And we've fought the good fight with the Penobscots on the landfill, so here is their site.

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