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The training scam

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Labor Department announces $20 million in grants to train homeless military veterans

Veterans don't need training. They have skills, they have experience, what they and everyone else needs is a job.

Training programs are just ways for contractors to make money off the crisis, they don't help.

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Submitted by ubetchaiam on

From the link: "As many as 126,000 service members will get the opportunity to gain machinist, logistics, welding and engineering certifications for high-demand manufacturing jobs."

From the news: Congress, White House fight over funding for tanks
"Caught in the middle are hundreds of workers at the northern Ohio tank plant who are worried about losing high-paying manufacturing jobs at a time when those positions are scarce."

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Submitted by twig on

My BIL is in one of these "training programs." He has 30 years' experience on an assembly line, but the factory moved away and left the workers with a fraction of what they were supposed to get in pension funds.

So instead of a pension, he gets to go back to school. There are all these middle-aged guys going to a community college to train for ... ? There are no jobs (Michigan), none. I mean not even grocery bagging jobs. And one of the instructors actually admitted to the class that they're going to be competing with much younger workers who don't want as much money, health care, etc., so good luck, suckers.

But he has to stay in the program to get unemployment way beyond whatever the limit is, plus the family gets a break on their health insurance. He's graduating this month, so that's all going to go away. I don't know what they're going to do.

Submitted by cg.eye on

A program to keep the potent image of protesting, Occupying, homeless veterans away from news cameras. Everyone knows there's no jobs, but watch when they make this program mandatory to get other more tangible benefits, as twig notes.