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The Texas Judicial System Thinks More Of The Juvenile Corrections System Than The Rest Of US

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The Talk Left Story by TChris comes hard on the heels of the scandal in the Texas Juvenile Corrections System. It's hard to imagine that this can be seen as anything but racism in action.

Texas has a lot to answer for, I think.

And I even LIKE the place - Texas, that is, not the prisons.


Link Update: fixed. Jake, you had a double "http://" , probably a copying error. Go ye forth and sin no more. --Xan

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...but presently making a nasty impression for TX in the news here is; 'tried in March 2006 in the town’s juvenile court, convicted of “assault on a public servant” and sentenced by Lamar County Judge Chuck Superville to prison for up to 7 years, until I turn 21. Just three months earlier, Superville sentenced a 14-year-old white girl, convicted of arson for burning down her family’s house, to probation.' at

People who think no one is going to notice a few atrocities here and there are kinda giving TX a bad name.


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normally I check the links before I post the post.

Clearly, this time I didn't.

As for sinning no more, that is WAY unlikely. :)

Thanks, Xan.

Ruth, if you take Delay, Bush, Cornyn, Barton, Smith, and a few judges, lawmen and oilmen out of the picture, most of TX is a cool place. Of course, if you take all those people out AND their cronies and psychophants, you'd reduce the population by half.