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The story of the moral

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CBS has become a pew forum in its own right:

In a single sentence in one story on religion in the United States, CBS Evening News managed to insult the vast majority of the American people. Describing a major new study on Americans' religious faith from the Pew Forum, CBS' Wyatt Andrews suggested that atheism in particular and Americans' widely shared belief in a secular society in general is immoral:
"The unprecedented survey of religion answers many concerns about a secular, morally void America. To the surprise of many experts, Americans are still deeply religious, with 84 percent of adults claiming a religious affiliation."

(h/t Make Them Accountable)

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Since they are 84% of the populace, shouldn't the religious people bear responsibility for the decisions that have left 45 million or more Americans without ready access to health care, a fourth of the population in poverty (and most of those children) and a foreign policy that has slaughtered more than a million innocents and alienated the entire rest of the world?

At only 16% of our citizens, non-religious people cannot possibly be at fault. Just as a change of pace, perhaps openly religious people should be banned outright from holding political office. With atheists running the government we wouldn't be in breach of Jesus' command to keep church and state seperate, and then maybe God would stop punishing us like he has through his instrument George W. Bush.