If you have "no place to go," come here!

The stench of bodies at Al-Iman Mosque in Nasr City

Vivid description from the Sidney Morning Herald:

The smell of death hangs heavily in the air at Al-Iman Mosque in Nasr City.

There are bodies as far as the eye can see, and the blocks of ice laid on their chests to slow down the decomposition fight a losing battle with the intense summer heat.

Volunteers spray air freshener over the shrouded corpses in an attempt to mask the stench, but there is a point, as you first enter the makeshift morgue that in the last 24 hours doctors say has received nearly 350 bodies, where your knees go weak. Just for a moment.

Thinking back to Tahrir Square...

The demand was Arhal: Leave! Mubarak had to go. And the Egyptian got that. Clearly, though, that wasn't enough. Much as I loved the Occupy concept of "no demands," there have to be demands, because otherwise, who knows what happens on the day after?

It's one thing, and a great thing, to Occupy a square. However, the State, apparently, is not susceptible to Occupation. Burning down the Interior Ministry or the party headquarters is not enough, apparently.

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