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The Stars Hollow Gazette and DocuDharma Transition Update

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Things make take a little longer but they are not as bad as I feared... so far.

On the good news side, the more we check the database (posts and comments) the more is seems to be intact. Also, our Soapblox vendor has extended our grace period until November 15th (would have been nice to know last week when I was frantic) though it's equally clear they can't see our backside soon enough.

If you have backups to make I suggest you do so as soon as possible. Please do not post any new content.

On the bad news side, my calendar has gotten much busier than I expected and I will be in meetings until Wednesday afternoon.

What this means for you, is no re-launch before Thursday evening, with Friday being a much more realistic expectation.

If you have a Corrente account (and why wouldn't you, they're good people) I'm happy to answer your questions here. If not we can be reached at

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