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The Stars Hollow Gazette and DocuDharma Migrating to Wordpress

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Not our choice. Our vendor is ceasing service for the Platform.

During the transition period I will be shamelessly abusing lambert's hospitality and posting any important status updates here.

The final post on Soapblox-


It means both hello and goodbye.

Posts, Comments, and Users migrated (apparently). Miscellany not included in that list backed up.

I'm going to let the sites time out. If you have backups of your own to do you have approximately 12 hours (it's ok, I think we've got it).

Much setting up to do with Wordpress, we might be done before Monday but my inner Scotty says not to promise it. Until then you will get errors.

Major notifications at Corrente (if necessary).

I want to thank all our Readers, Commenters, and Contributors for supporting us.

I especially want to thank pacified. Soapblox has been a wonderful Platform and a pleasure to use.

See you Monday.

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Submitted by ek hornbeck on

Soapblox is being discontinued everywhere. There was only ever the one vendor and it was a service contract, not a purchase contract. Should the code become available at a reasonable price in the future it's a project I might be interested in reviving, but that is not the case at the moment.

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Submitted by ek hornbeck on

and I am the Managing Editor of both sites.

If that's a compliment to our efforts then, thank you. The truth is there are still dozens of fairly big and important sites dealing with state and local politics, and Veteran's Affairs that are caught in the same bind.

We're lucky, compared to some we're ahead of the curve.

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Submitted by blues on

Free advice! I ran an "independent" WordPress blog for a few years. There are a fair number of gotchas! that can get you with a WordPress site. You probably will not be using the "" managed hosting, which is somewhat pricey. Assuming you will go with "" site platform software, here are a few ideas.

You probably have already picked a site hosting company. I have found that the sites that "rate" hosts are worthless. I always recommend the "A Small Orange" hosting service. Using them would likely save you endless difficulties, and they don't even lie and promise "unlimited bandwidth" (that slows down if it gets too unlimited). They are at:

A friend likes this one:

Always better to register your domain name with someone other than your hosting company. I use the services of Nearly Free Speech, as they are the best for that (but you have to be a web developer to put up a site there):

(Beware of GoDaddy!!!)

Then you will need an email address so readers can contact you. I stay away from gmail and such because giant companies do block mail from small ones, and they take ZERO (0) responsibility in general. So you want a medium size email host, such as:

(Please note (and save) the address above exactly -- without it you will find it impossible to open a new, second account!)

Another good medium size email host, which I have not used:

(It's crazy, but there are dozens of email services out there that pretend to be small, yet are subsidiaries of Yahoo!, Microsoft, etc.)

Why all these pieces from separate companies? Well, if you have issues with any one of them you will still have control of the other pieces! It costs very little, and communication is key.

Protecting a WordPress blog from hackers requires a little savvy. So I would definitely get the following:

WordPress "Automatic Updater" (Check for updates once a month and save backups (there are two files).

WordPress "Wordfence" Includes login security to lock out brute force hacks, etc. Best!

"Akismet (spam filter) takes the pain out of managing comment spam. It ensures that that spam doesn't mess with your search engine rankings, and gives you more time to connect with your readers, instead of laboring through page after page of spam." So activate that: Go to the Plugins page in your administration panel, and click the Activate link in the same row as the Akismet plugin entry. After you've activated it, you'll need to sign up for an Akismet API key (note: API keys should be kept private, like passwords they should never be given out to anyone).

NEVER use "Themes" or plugins from sources other than! I had a beautiful "theme" from a source outside, and it contained a Trojan!

Independent sites that neglect security get hacked regularly.

You may have uses for an "FTP Client" (server connection program), such as Filezilla (free open source GPLv2):

This stuff is not really very difficult. Good luck.

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Submitted by blues on

You probably want this too:
Security and Vulnerability Shield

I found it at:

More info:
Hardening WordPress

The "Hardening WordPress" stuff looks a bit labor intensive. But it's easy to install plugins; you mostly insert folders (directories) by dragging, as in Windows, but (hopefully) with a Linux host server, via the FTP (or better SFTP) with, say, FileZilla.