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The Sky is Plaid

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... and Republicans aren't racists.

There were energetic shouts of “Aye!” and “Nay!” as a Puerto Rican party functionary—Zoraida Fonalledas, the chairwoman of the Committee on Permanent Organization—took her turn at the main-stage lectern. As she began speaking in her accented English, some in the crowd started shouting “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”

The chanting carried on for nearly a minute while most of the other delegates and the media stood by in stunned silence. The Puerto Rican correspondent turned to me and asked, “Is this happening?” I said I honestly didn’t know what was happening—it was astonishing to see all the brittle work of narrative construction that is a modern political convention suddenly crack before our eyes. None of us could quite believe what we were seeing: A sea of twentysomething bowties and cowboy hats morphing into frat bros apparently shrieking over (or at) a Latina. RNC chairman Reince Priebus quickly stepped up and asked for order and respect for the speaker, suggesting that, yeah, what we had just seen might well have been an ugly outburst of nativism.

In fairness, some suggest they were just harmlessly shouting "USA" over Ron Paul supporters, and it was just a freak coincidence that someone representing Puerto Rico was on stage. Yeah. Right. Watch and judge for yourself.

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I would be praying that no one is watching the Republican convention.

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incident has been quashed by the media, goes hand in hand with what happened to the Latina. Unfrackingbelievable.