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The silencing of Lam

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Q. How can you tell that a Republican is lying and conniving?

A. What part of "Republican" don't you understand?

[Kyle] Sampson claimed that the “real problem” with [U.S. Attorney] Carol Lam that Sampson referred to in an email “was her office’s prosecution of immigration cases....”

Feinstein told Sampson, “It is a real surprise to me that you would say here that the reason for her dismissal was immigration cases.” She then revealed a letter of commendation to Carol Lam dated Feb. 15, 2007, signed by the director of field operations of the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency. She read some excerpts to Sampson:

To address the alien enforcement issue, your office supported the implementation of the Alien Smuggling Fast Track Program, and has demonstrated a commitment to aggressively address the alien smuggling recidivism rate.

In support of Border Patrol referrals for prosecution, your office maintains a 100 percent acceptance rate of criminal cases while staunchly refusing to reduce felony charges to misdemeanors and maintaining a minimal dismissal rate and supporting special prosecution efforts.

The letter (see a full copy HERE) concludes, “I speak for my entire staff when I say that we are honored to have had the privilege of working with you and your staff for the past four years. … Again, thank you for your support; you will be missed.”

Gawd, I hope the Dems keep their phasers on "Subpoena" until these guys are gone.

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Newest GOP malfeasance, look at NIH grants! Whee! Can't let an hour go by without a crime, can they?

'Federal health investigators are undertaking a broad review of conflict-of-interest policies at the National Institutes of Health, with potentially wide ramifications involving the agency's oversight of nonfederal scientists who conduct research with government money.

The review "will determine the extent to which the NIH oversees grantee institutions' financial conflict-of-interest issues," according to the Department of Health and Human Services' investigative branch.

Conflict-of-interest rules for NIH, the nation's premier medical research institution, do not extend to grantees outside the agency. The outside institutions are to enforce their own ethics policies and report to NIH on conflicts of interest.



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With the all-governance-is-political philosophy Sampson laid out, even for US Attorneys, there's no conflict at all. Everything is at the GOP's pleasure.

Politics is certainly more important than anything some geeky health-science department might be expected to do, right? What other interest matters?