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The sewer system is still a system

And no system can take random inputs it wasn't designed for. Hence, Popular bathroom wipes blamed for sewer clogs.

This stuff is made out of non-woven fabric, but after a depressing journey through sites about poop and toilet paper, I have yet to find out what Cottonelle Moist Wipes, or whatever the heck they're called, is actually made of. My nightmare was petroleum, but perhaps that is not true.

NOTE I'm thinking the French -- or better yet, the Thais -- have it right on this one. Use a bidet or, in vernacular, the Thai bum gun. Let the flame war begin!


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Those bathroom wipes are causing problems all over.....

Fatberg ahead! How London was saved from a 15-tonne ball of grease

Fatbergs build up on sewer roofs like mushy stalactites. "I have witnessed one. It's a heaving, sick-smelling, rotting mass of filth and faeces. It hits the back of your throat, it's gross," said Evans.

"It's steaming and it unleashes an unimaginable stink. Hailwood and his team certainly saved Kingston from a terrible fate."

Water and sewage companies say fatbergs are becoming more common. London, with the highest concentration of food businesses in the country, produces an estimated 32m-44m litres of used cooking oil every year, much of which is poured down drains.

Also, the use of wet wipes as toilet paper is increasing, with potentially disastrous results below ground.

Thames Water says it has to clear nearly 40,000 blockages a year caused by fat and sanitary wipes being wrongly put down drains by restaurants and households. "We have 59,000 miles of sewer and fat and wet wipes are the main partners in 'sewer abuse' crime," said Evans.

"The wipes break down and collect on joints and then the fat congeals. Then more fat builds up. It's getting worse. More wet wipes are being used and flushed. It took Hailwood and the guys three weeks to flush this one out with high-powered water jets.

"Given we've got the biggest sewers and this is the biggest fatberg we've encountered, we reckon it has to be the biggest such berg in British history," said Hailwood.