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The Secret Service, ladies of negotiable affection, and Robama vs. Obomney

The Secret Service and ladies of negotiable affection story continues to expand; it's now reached the "shouted inquiries" stage, to which "our President" is becomingly silent.

Couple of thoughts: (a) Just like DSK, “why now?”* since as it did turn out with DSK, the behavior was a pervasive pattern, and that looks likely to be true with the Secret Service as well (“wheels up” parties and all); and more importantly (b) if the Republicans don’t figure out some Rovian way to make use of this, the election’s just not serious.**

NOTE * Though it could be random; sometimes a story is just too juicy not to run; even the media have to eat, after all.

NOTE ** Making the arbitrary assumption that the election is serious. After all, McCain could have swift-boated Obama easily with Rezko or Obama’s actually rather dodgy record as a community organizer. So what held the Republicans back? Scruples? Or lack of seriousness?

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Long-form investigation, discernment and other fact-intensive processes are beyond their ken. Shouted inquiries are all they've got.

Cf. ALEC. They don't write legislation anymore, don't know how to hold elections - see Iowa and Maine - and basically are unfamiliar with actual nuts-and-bolts type of political activity. A story deep in the weeds will remain in the weeds. They now require scandals to be spoon fed to them (like this one) or wholly invented (Breitbart).