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The Saudi lobby

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WikiLeaks Shows a Saudi Obsession With Iran

The documents from Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry illustrate a near obsession with Iran, with diplomats in Africa, Asia and Europe monitoring Iranian activities in minute detail and top government agencies plotting moves to limit the spread of Shiite Islam.

The scope of this global oil-funded operation helps explain the kingdom’s alarm at the deal reached on Tuesday between world powers and Iran over its nuclear program. Saudi leaders worry that relief from sanctions will give Iran more money to strengthen its militant proxies. But the documents reveal a depth of competition that is far more comprehensive, with deep roots in the religious ideologies that underpin the two nations.

The Saudi's are driving the resistance to the recent Iran nuclear deal. The Saudi's own large chunks of our economy, including the news media, which is why it will be very difficult for Obama to get congress to go along with the agreement, even though it is what America wants.

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