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The return of the 50 state plan

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The Nation interviews Sanders

 I think it is insane that the Democrats do not have a 50-state strategy [along the lines championed by Howard Dean]. How is it that, if you are the party of working people, supposedly, you abdicate your responsibility in some of the poorest states of America? Where are you in Mississippi? Where are you in South Carolina? Where are you in Alabama? Where are you in other low-income states? If you don’t get started now, you will never advance. So I intend in this campaign to go to states that many Democratic candidates don’t usually visit.

Clearly Sanders is thinking big. I have said from the state that revolution is not simply political branding. Sanders means it.

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Exactly why the Democrats strangled it immediately. And why Obama strangled OFA, lame though it was.

Third time the charm? These movements, or whatever one calls them, are coming more frequently, leading me to think that even if Sanders turns out for the worst, the next one will come even sooner.

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Sanders has no chance against the Clinton billion dollar machine.

I will vote for Jill Stein (Green Party). (Yeah they are just as corrupt.)

Want strategic simple score voting.

NO MORE two-party tyranny.

(NO MORE machine voting either.)

Now is the time. STOP THEM.