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The Republican "Base" in 1956 UK

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From Hugh Trevor-Roper's "Letters from Oxford" (London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2006) pp. 209-10:

Often, in the past fortnight, I have reflected on the social basis of this irrational support for a policy which seems to me rationally indefensible; and I conclude that there is in England, as in other countries, a fascist world: the world of lower-middle-class conservatives who have no intelligence but a deep belief in violence as a sign of self-importance; who hate foreigners, especially if they come from "inferior" races; and who, gratified with the spectacle of such violence against such people, even if it fails in its object, are prepared to shout, in unison, "il Duce ha sempre ragione." In ordinary times, and given good politics by their leaders, these people remain below the level of public notice, quietly reading the Daily Telegraph and cultivating their gardens. But these are not ordinary times and the politics of our leaders are not good; and so out of frustration this extraordinary and disquieting spirit breaks forth

["[P]ast fortnight" of course Suez crisis, and obviously not claiming this kind of attitude limited strictly to Republicans.]

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