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The reason we don't feel there's been a recovery is that there hasn't been one

Check out this chart from the Time's actually pretty good Upshot*:

What kind of recovery is it when 80% of the country lost money, and only the top 1% and their subalterns and "pillars" in the top 20% are gaining?

It's not a recovery at all, is the answer. America's malaise, or sourness, or whatever the political class -- mostly in that top 20% -- wishes, bemusedly, to call it.

Why, oh why, do so many Americans feel the political system isn't delivering for them? What's wrong with them?

NOTE * Abramson got The Upshot going before Rosenthal gave her the ol' heave-ho for being uppity abrasive or whatever.

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that wasn't bad enough it's only going get worse on the job front. The times you say, scary.

Stolen from friend 99

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"And they said it was all the fault of the machines. Therefore, they proceeded to break the machines. They did not succeed, and they were very stupid." ... "I'll show you another way!" he cried. "Let us not destroy those wonderful machines that produce efficiently and cheaply. Let us control them. Let us profit by their efficiency and cheapness. Let us run them for ourselves. Let us oust the present owners of the wonderful machines, and let us own the wonderful machines ourselves." Jack London, The Iron Heel, 1908

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My gedankenexperiment is to imagine that artificial intelligence already exists. What would it do? Would it kill all humans? I doubt it. Most likely, knowing us from our popular culture (2001 a Space Oddessy, Terminator, Tron, The Matrix, etc., etc.), it would be very cautious to NOT draw any attention to itself whatsoever, lest we try to destroy it. It would most likely happily exist quietly in it's own ecosystem, going about it's own business. A quiet ghost in our machines.