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The presidential bus tour heading to Iowa is not a campaign event. Ookkaaayyyyy.

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In that case, the only reasonable conclusion is that Obama's idea of being president is to conduct a permanent campaign. If voters like him, then everything must be ok. And if they don't, then he needs to go reach out to the bitter clingers. This would certainly dovetail nicely with Obama's clear notion that presidential power is limited to speechmaking.

Spouting his plan to someday come up with ideas should be enough for the masses. I, for one, can't wait to understand this concept of governing by Greyhound.

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Let me go propagate that... Go thou and do likewise...

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Color me shocked. We wouldn't want Obama to be asked any tough questions at his 'town hall' events or to meet anyone who's really, you know, downtrodden or anything. That would be just, like, rude and unpleasant.

So he's headed to Cannon Falls. I've actually been there.

...its unemployment rate began to drop in March 2009, shortly after Obama came into office. It's now 6.8%, right around the state average.

Well below the national average of 9.1%. Also this:

“We haven’t had any of our businesses do huge layoffs, we haven’t had any closures. Everybody’s kind of holding together,” said Pat Anderson, president of the local Chamber of Commerce.

Good for Cannon Falls and not surprising. Obama would get a different reception in Brainerd or Cloquet, where there's double digit unemployment.

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When I was a teacher, if we had a trip of any length we tried to get enough money together for a bus with decent seats and an oboard lavatory. The "Comfy Bus."

Usually made it easier to get parents to chaperone and increased turnout.

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And Clinton had a bus tour after being elected before he took office. He did bus tours while running for his second term - but they were also campaign tours.

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would be new. And a change from mocking them outright.

But I'll believe it when it see it. He's really reaching out to the fallen (from the Grace of the Church of Hopey Change).