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The Powell Memo

Here's a link; I assume most readers know what the Powell Memo is. What I would like to know, readers, is what views or information you have on the Powell memo.

Generally, I don't like single factor explanations, and I don't like conspiracy theories. Here's the context: I'm working up to more parts for my "Market State" series, and one idea that Phillip Bobbitt, the inventor of the term, has is that inflection points where the constitutional order changes are marked and ratified by international treaties. He points to the Treaty of Paris in 1998, which ended the cold war, as the inflection point where the "nation state" began to be replaced by the "market state." However, many of the "curves" that define what looks an awfully lot like a market state today started climbing in the mid-70s, after the Peace of Paris that ended Vietnam -- with which the Powell memo is contemporaneous.

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