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The Off-The-Books Dead

Note: Now with Update. See bottom of post.

This name will not appear on any of the "In Memorium" lists, either the nightly one on the Jim Lehrer show, the weekly one on Stephanopoulos, or the annual one that may or may not run on Veterans Day. The news was released by the US Army, the deceased's paycheck came ultimately from the US Army, he did work that would (some would say "should") otherwise be done by members of the Army--but he worked for something called "Cochise Consultancy" so he was not technically speaking "in" the Army and does not have to be counted as a dead soldier:

Army I-Ds contractor killed in Iraqi bomb blast

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) — The U.S. Army says one of its contractors were killed in Iraq yesterday while working with Huntsville's Army Engineering and Support Center.

The Pentagon says 39-year-old Carey Robinson from Orlando, Florida, died when the vehicle he was riding in hit a roadside bomb.

Robinson worked for Tampa, Florida-based Cochise Consultancy.

The center said at least 31 contractors have been killed since September 2003 while working for the Coalition Munitions Clearance Program.

That's just this one program. How many other contractors, how many other dead who "don't count"? The big names, Blackwater and Custer-Battles and the various appendages of Halliburton get just about all of what little publicity there is.

UPDATE: The story above appeared Tuesday 8/29. On Wednesday 8/30 I find in the same AP/Alabama news wire, a very similar story. Same guy, same incident, same cause of death...but now instead of "Cochise of Tampa" he is said to have worked " a security specialist for EOD Technology Inc. of Knoxville, Tenn." Wassup wit dis?

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