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The Obama economy

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Cop here. I have seen a large increase in suicides this year and I don't know why. For my Cake Day I'd like to Ask Reddit to look out for each other and know that there are resources put there if you need them. And to ask Wgat can you do today to save someone's life?

Truly heart rending post.

Correntians, take care of yourself. These are hard times. Remember that simply surviving is a kind of revenge against the banksters who are trying to kill us.

And know that you are loved.

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I hate the manipulation -- the "nudging" that's really stamping on people's fingers as they hang on the edge -- but I can only believe that change is coming if only and especially we can stand up and see our own size.

Always remember that 16% of the American people think that ObamaCare isn't liberal enough. That's about the same as the Tea Party, IIRC. It's not a negligible number at all. And it's also, as Sterling pointed out long ago, the only place where any interesting thinking is being done ("Third pole of American politics").