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The "no direct access" trolls can slink away quietly now

New slides on NSA program released (that's the headline):

The latest NSA slides show a "real-time surveillance" capability.

Of course, only if they target somebody in particular. So what could go wrong?

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It's getting to be embarrassing to see our government caught in so many bald faced lies. Such blatant lying implies they figured either we the public won't notice what's being reported OR they really thought Snowdon didn't have the goods on this shit.


I'm not seeing any mention of big ISP's like the cable companies and telco's. but we know that Verizon and AT&T are heavily involved. Is that because ostensibly this is for going after only calls, emails, etc., which originate in foreign countries? As in, oh, Canada? Any place outside the US borders?

My oh my.