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"The new normal sucks and Obama owns it"

That sums up my reaction to the #SOTU.

And I think everybody outside of the charmed circle of Obama's rump Democrats -- about 30% of the country, heading toward Bush territory -- agrees. Hence the lack of any real groundswell of enthusiasm for Obama's proposals, if indeed they are proposals at all, and not more window dressing.

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Submitted by MontanaMaven on

I never watch SOTUs. Wretched time waster. Instead talked about the dismal conditions on the reservations here in Montana at the watering hole. Same deal as outside the res. The 1% steal all the money. Then came home to watch more "House of Cards" which is much more about the reality of the new normal than listening to a bunch of Vichy Dems talking about how marvelous the leader is and what a awesome wife he has.

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

I'm with MontanaMaven on the usefulness of watching the SOTU. I figure any politician who can't condense his lies into a few sound bytes isn't worth the time.

My reaction to this Beeb article on the SOTU is "All roads will lead downhill, and the first 50,000 people through the door will walk away with a perpetual motion machine with a certificate of authenticity that will arrive in the mail. And don't pay any attention to the guy behind the curtain who's fiddling with your Social Security and Medicare benefits."

Must be getting cynical in my dotage.