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The new Hatfields & McCoys

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Apparently Georgia state legislature just passed a bill to invade TN?!

"Us good Tennesseeans will take our long rifles up to Lookout Mountain and fire when ready," said Justin Wilson, a Nashville attorney and former deputy governor.

A mile to the north of the GA-TN border is the Tennessee River which is like texas tea to solve drought issues and allow Atlanta to drain the river like the West has done with the mighty Colorado.

The crux of Georgia's complaint revolves around "a flawed survey conducted in 1818 and never accepted by the State of Georgia," according to the resolutions. Some surveyors, politicians and attorneys on both sides of the border agree that the state line runs too far south.

I guess that future scenario about wars over fresh water instead of oil are going to be sooner than later.

Georgia has been battling Florida and Alabama in federal court for about 18 years over water rights. Last summer, Lake Lanier, which supplies Atlanta's water, shriveled to historic lows.

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They've got water; they've got oil.

And they've got single payer health care. Good enough reason to destroy them.

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If Phil Breseden (Gov-TN) wasn't a bit of a putz he would order the TN National Guard and Reserves home, now, to defend our sacred, albeit poorly surveyed in 1796 or whenever it was, soil against the threat of invasion, depredation, rapine and other Georgian misbehavior.

Although we could probably get along without the southern suburbs of Chattanooga without all that much fuss, it's the principle of the thing. Plus the folks at Coptix would have to reprint all their stationery with the new address.


Snark aside the claim is legally nonsense (I forget the legal term, constructive possession or something like that? Means you can't come back a couple of centuries later and bitch about a surveyor's mistake for chrissakes) and moving the borderline wouldn't get the water any closer to Atlanta anyway. There is the minor matter of some mountains in the way.

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Not physically, of course, but moving the border a mile north would give Georgia access to the Tennessee River. The feud got started when Georgia floated plans to build a pipeline to the river, but that would have required approval by the state of Tennessee, which they refused.

Lambert, the Western states are actually kicking around plans to build a pipeline up to Canada. The Canadian government is not amused. Failing that, the West is also looking at a pipeline to the Great Lakes, which has its own problems. There's also talk in the water industry of building a giant treatment plant on the Mississippi and pumping the water out West. Thing is, St. Louis switched its water source from the Mississippi to the Missouri River, and Memphis dug wells, because both cities decided that Mississippi River water was too polluted to treat any longer.

...for the rest of us

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with the Quebec separatist to support their independence in exchange for water, power, and access to the North Pole?

Of course, they don't have any oil, but once Canada is split, then we can devour the rest at our leisure.

I don't think even the Quebec separatists are that crazy, but you never know.

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