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The Monday trade deadline that may be affecting Snowden's application for asylum in Ecuador

New York Daily News:

Unlike with China, Russia or Cuba, countries where the U.S. has relatively few tools to force Snowden's handover, the Obama administration could swiftly hit Ecuador in the pocketbook by denying reduced tariffs on cut flowers, artichokes and broccoli. Those represent hundreds of millions of dollars in annual exports for this country where nearly half of foreign trade depends on the U.S. ...

The U.S. administration is supposed to decide by Monday whether to grant Ecuador export privileges under the Generalized System of Preferences, a system meant to spur development and growth in poorer countries. The deadline was set long before the Snowden affair but conveniently timed for the U.S.

So, there's that.

I'm not sure I would have flown to Cuba, and through US airspace, for an uncertain outcome in Ecuador, no matter how drab and confining the "transit area" in Sheremetyevo Airport might be.

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It might be the better part of valor for Ecuador to wait until Tuesday to grant asylum, even if everyone knows that's what will happen. No sense making things more embarrassing than they need to be when there's that kind of money involved.