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The mating call of the Republican nimrod

I stumbled on this Republican dating site the other day, I forget how or why--maybe I was doing some research about natural selection for greed and stupidity after reading in WaPo that "signals of natural selection are incredibly widespread across the human genome"--and came across this splendid example of the plumage of the Republican nimrod. From the site's "Success Story":


Apparently, two Republican souls called to each other across the liberal abyss... Touching. But why the success? After all, on the Internet, nobody knows if you're a dog--Sorry, Senator Rick--so how did how can you know for sure that you've found a real, deep-down, Republican soulmate? What plumage has the male Republican nimrod evolved to woo, and win, its mate?

Could it be the red color, that hides the Cheetoh stains?

Could it be the all-too-evident motility of their sperm, as evidenced in their frequent postings?

No! The CAPS-LOCK key is down!

That's the mating call of the Republican nimrod (sorry for the redundancy). Now, to write that letter to the editors of Science...

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