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The looting class wears a seamless garment

Glenn Greenwald:

I assumed the pressure [on NY AG Schneiderman] would come from the banks themselves, not from top Executive Branch officials. At this point, though, the mistake is to consider those entities as separate and distinct at all.

Ouch! Hey, who needs the "revolving door" when you can just get a room?

Look!! Over there!!! [insert name of designated R female hate figure]!!!!

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Yowza. Pigs fly.

I sincerely hope Schniederman has no skellingtons (as Walt Kelly used to have it) in his closet, or that he's thought out how to deal with that kind of shit.

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Glenn has been relentless in opposing an Obama's policy that not even GW Bush supported-- the US Govt targeting US citizens for assassination.
And if someone is willing to vest in the President the power to assassinate American citizens without a trial far from any battlefield -- if someone believes that the President has that power: the power of unilaterally imposing the death penalty and literally acting as judge, jury and executioner -- what possible limits would they ever impose on the President's power? There cannot be any.
Of course there's already a law (or two) against that. But no AG would ever enforce it against their own boss.
18 USC 1119 Foreign murder of United States nationals
18 USC 1117 Conspiracy to murder

This is such a unique crime-- the US Government targeting US citizens for assassination, that I propose coining a unique term for it-- Obamacide. Below I suggest an Anti-Obamicide statute to remedy it (its no so much a new law would make a difference when there are two laws already on the books, but I would like to see who's vote against this, besides it'd be awesome if the word "Obamacide" was in the law books for all time. So my suggestion is--- change "A Jobs Guarantee" to "Jobs Guarantee" and "End the wars" to "End Wars". Freeing up room for 5. Anti-Obamacide Statute
(I'm treating a hyphenated word as one word, If you want to count as two... drop "Statute").
There's a Cold war law still on the books, 50 USC 407, "study or plan of surrender; use of appropriations" forbids the govt from spending any money planning how to surrender the country and its people. Good template and besides, surely there's a transpartisan argument to be made. "Congress has already tied Obama's hand by forbidding him from using tax dollars to study the pros and cons of unconditional surrender to China, shouldn't there also be a law forbidding him from using tax dollars to plan the murder of US citizens, like he's Al Capone and this is Chicago?" What do you know, one section up (title 50 is National Defense), 50 USC 406-- is available..

50 USC 406. Study or plan of Obamacide; use of appropriations
No part of the funds appropriated in any act shall be used to pay
(1) any person, firm, or corporation, or any combinations of persons, firms, or corporations, to conspire to, or to conduct a study or to plan when and how or in what circumstances the Government of the United States should, assassinate any US National in any event or under any circumstances.
(2) the salary or compensation of any employee or official of the Government of the United States who conspires to, or proposes or contracts or who has entered into any contract for the making of studies or plans to, assassinate any US National in any event or under any circumstances.