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The light dawns on Democratic operatives everywhere

I love this.

Mr. Axelrod held forth on the similarities between Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign and that of [his client] Labour candidate for prime minister, Ed Miliband, who is running on a platform of narrowing economic inequality in Britain....

Mr. Axelrod is not the only top Obama operative at work here. A week earlier, Jim Messina, Mr. Obama’s lanky 2012 campaign manager, met at Downing Street with his client, Prime Minister David Cameron of the Conservative Party, who argues that years of austerity have corrected the profligate years of Labour rule...

And now the payoff:

As more former aides turn their affiliation with the president into lucrative consulting arrangements, the Battle of Britain crystallizes a concern among some Democrats over whether those most central to Mr. Obama’s rise should be expected in their private business to stand for his public policies and values. And if they are not, some of the president’s supporters wonder what exactly it means to work for Mr. Obama in the first place.

That's almost too rich. Make up your own jokes!

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