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the leave hillary alone contest

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have they put something in...the water?

Or because their posts at Hillary favoring sites
are like broadcasts of Tokyo Rose.

*watch the watch, watch the watch*
*you are getting very sleepy*
*Give up, Hillary, you CAN’T win*

So what, as her supporters, can we DO

First, bless you joebasic. You are doing what you CAN do.
Using your model of becoming…independent…as a protest

Still...for that to work…
every switch would require a letter (preferably open) to John Dean
and to you superdelegates and delegates and local papers.

And the MOVEMENT would have to be blogged and hopefully
picked up in the press (as in sending out press releases)

It would take a LOT of people doing that to have an effect

It isn’t ALWAYS about doing.
Sometimes it’s about…threatening to do…
Like "I will LEAVE the PARTY!"

But Barack’s bringing IN so many Obamaknats…
They are a noisy swarm.

If it’s now any vote is still a vote…no matter how ill informed…
And I’m afraid we are sort of…there.

Then just leaving is turning it over to…them.

There is also the POSSIBILITY of a write in campaign
to get that organized NOW a page or site somewhere
I mean it's better than voting for someone you DON'T want
just to beat someone you DON'T want.

But THIS is The Thing.

The Complaint being leveled at Hillary NOW is that her campaign
is not agile enough to handle the sudden ocean swell of barack
and they are saying that it’s HER fault.
HER inability to organize and lead
(under utterly IMPOSSIBLE circumstances)

We KNOW it’s the sexist rightist MEDIA’S fault
and it’s not Barack’s brilliance, either.
It’s his…fans…who are driving his campaign…for him.

So we have to do better for…Hillary.

And the OTHER thing is…they are feeling good.
Obama’s GIG is as President Feelgood.

So WE need to make Hillary…funner
Cause FUN trumps HOPE everytime

I’m not a…blogger. I do…chatrooms, myself.
I got started in this crisis too late too get up to speed quickly…
I’m sort of staggering around in here and we only have


But ONE DAY is enough…on line…say at YouTube.

And I USED to be a PR person so I’m…thinking…
Let’s seee…

The, thing is, to succeed, any PR campaign has to

1) be's only as good as who sees it
2) be multiplied…repitition is the sincerest form of flattery.
3) become…hip…and embraced by others

We KNOW Hillary is the BEST candidate.
She’s just not the…hippest..candidate.

But WE can change that.

And, instead of being SO regular…in our political thinking…
we need to get…

So what ELSE can we do…
(using the new media tools available.)

I have…Chris Crocker…on my space page.
You know him as the “Leave Britany Alone!” boy.

What you may NOT know is that Chris has had
MULTIPLE MILLIONS of hits at his YouTube rant for Brittany

It was the #1 Youtube video last year
According to Time Magazine.

He’s getting his own…TV show.

(I wonder if, being a…lady…he’s a Hillary Supporter?)
Even if he isn’t…the IDEA is…great…for OUR purposes.

It would be HYSTERICAL if Hillary fans
Started doing hundreds of flooding YouTube with.


In fact…

THIS site…could launch…a contest.
For the BEST leave Hillary Alone Video at YouTube.

we could give out…a prize…something…silly…and fun.

Cause we seriously need to...lighten up.
as I said.

FUN trumps HOPE everytime.

(and having Hillary as presisdent WOULD be FUN)
(Obama as president is the...opposite...of fun)

So...say the word Shrillones,

And I will post your press release here in…a hour.
The one announcing the first ever
video contest at YouTube

BOTH the Clintons have WONDERFUL senses of humor.
And the people HERE are seriously…hillarious.

See…that would be…hysterical
And exceedingly…hip.

So it could…happen.

“You need a mother VERY badly!”

-wendy to captain hook

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Submitted by scarshapedstar on

And then you can have a mock debate, and anytime Hillary says anything the Obama guy screams "Don't go negative, bro!" and rolls around on the ground.

But I still believe
And I will rise up with fists!!

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Submitted by janittdott on

The Official Hillary Clinton Mud Sling
I actually did try to have a fundraiser food fight
for a theatre I worked at once.

But they would not let me...
just cause the last thing I'd come up with got us...arrested.

Okay I'm going to go make a thread


(see? fun...good)


"You need a mother VERY badly!"

-wendy to captain hook

Submitted by lambert on

... is screaming at Hillary to get out. The Times was full of it, The Boys on the Blogs are all into it, and I heard good old Cokie doing the same thing on NPR.

Gad. Fuck the Village.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.