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The Kentucky Senate Race

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The Hillbilly Report likes Ashley Judd, but it seems many Democratic big wigs don't.

I don't live in Kentucky, and I am not a Democrat; but I think it would be a mistake to underestimate Kentucky voters.

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I am VERY excited for Judd to run, fuck the accusations of carpetbagging. I am ready to vote for an outspoken feminist liberal for Senate! And the more the Dem party bigwigs don't like her, the better I'll feel about it.

The thing is, for the past two decades in KY, the Dem party has decided that the only way to beat the Republicans, is to run Republican-lite pols, who are no different than McConnell on ANYTHING, and offer nothing in exchange for the loss of power in McConnell's ouster. So, for us KY residents, the opportunity to vote for someone who actually represents different values than McConnell, will be the chance to show the Dem party that their ever march rightward is NOT the solution.

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He has the lowest ratings, lowest polls, and while KY can be fucked up, we also have a tradition of powerful outspoken women and egalitarianism, so if he thinks he can use misogyny to win, well I think he's got another thing coming.