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The Iraqi Solution

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Josh Marshall has an overnight answer to all the 'voter fraud' nonsense that really needs to be mainstreamed. I don't know why nobody else has pointed this out before.

At the end of the day, the only conceivable thing you’re trying to prevent with Voter ID is voter impersonation fraud and voter impersonation fraud only makes sense if you’re going to try to double vote. And the ink and finger routine is basically 100% obstacle to doing that.

I’d be happy to dip my finger. And it wouldn’t disenfranchise anyone. There’s really no problem to be solved on the voter fraud front. But if people insist that this ‘problem’ needs to be solved even though there’s no evidence of the problem, then this should be the solution.

How the hell can anyone argue with that?

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And what solution will Josh Marshall come up for the many voters that vote by mail? Those of us who prefer to vote by mail are increasing, not decreasing.

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I assume (oh oh) that the people at the polls know who has already voted by mail so that - right now - people can't vote twice. Might be wrong!

Anyway, who even wants to vote once these days? And seriously - voter fraud has to be so small that it can't possibly sway an election result.

They give out buttons and stickers proclaiming "I voted" here in Arizona - so we can proudly prove our stupidity. It would be cheaper to make purple fingers.

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They... send their ballots in normally? I think you're missing his point, which is that conservatives insist on a patchwork of all-too-cute 'identification' schemes for in-person voting, and they still don't work as well as the system we created for our own client state.

The fact that ink is superior in every way rather neatly shreds the hoary fig leaf of 'voter protection' that conservatives hold over their naked Jim Crow agenda.

Now that you mention it, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if wingers start stealing mail ballots so that they can then manufacture a crisis and restrict their availability.