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The Internet under SOPA, illustrated

Time to repost this image:


That's how the corporate tapeworms would like to see the Internet work.

It's all about the rents, baby!

NOTE Or perhaps as the Internet works now. After Megaupload, George Washington comments:

[S]hows that the real motivation is to “criminalize” the Internet and to adopt the Chinese model of control.

What hath the "creative class" wrought...

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Here are a couple relevant document bys the US Association for Computing Machinery, which I believe has considerable credibility. In contrast to literally every other article I have seen in any media, this is not "he said vs she said" MSM tripe. It addresses the technical issues that underlie the assessment that the SOPA and PIPA legislation would be bad for business, bad for the internet and would have a side effect of stifling free speech and the legitimate exchange of ideas.

USACM Statement on SOPA and PROTECT IP

ACM Position Paper with Analysis of SOPA/PIPA