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The Hillionaire

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It's very much a New York perspective, and it's clear that the author is excited about the prospect of having the Senator from that state become President. Still, there are some interesting points and it's worth the read. I was most intrigued by the idea that she attracts and keeps high powered staff and volunteers. Professionalism seems to be her watchword.

In the last three months, the campaign has raised $5,679,413, according to Mrs. Clinton’s latest fund-raising filing, giving her more than $22 million on hand for what amounts to a shadow-boxing bout against politically troubled and cash-poor competition. Her high-priced campaign staff is one of the most loyal and effective in politics, and the direct-mail database they have compiled is of a scale more befitting an incumbent Presidential candidate than a Senator coasting to re-election.

John A. Catsimatidis, a top donor to Mrs. Clinton, spoke of her apparatus in strictly Presidential terms. “They are running the most professional campaign I have seen in 20 years,” he said. “If you rate the Dukakis campaign, it was a 4; the first Clinton campaign, it was 6; the second Clinton campaign, it was a 9. This one is going to be a 10.”

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