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The Hardest-Working Men In Show--er, make that "Law"--Business

(With apologies to the late, great James Brown.) Continuing through that list of RNC owned websites (you know, the ones that share server space with ""?) I run across GOP Why such a name when there is no convention this year? Why, silly, because every year, every day for that matter, is a political day to these people! Who has time for governance?

Ahem. What I meant to say is that I sure hope these two guys from this press release of last Friday are well compensated and well insured, particularly with mental health coverage. Methinks they are likely to need it before long, if they don't already for taking this gig in exchange for mere money:

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Mike Duncan today announced the appointment of Blake Hall as RNC General Counsel. In addition, the RNC announced that Sean Cairncross has been promoted to RNC Chief Counsel, and that Tom Josefiak will serve the RNC in an Of Counsel and senior legal advisory capacity.

“In order to serve this Party and this nation effectively, the RNC must always make sure that it follows not just the letter, but the spirit of the law.

The legal team we are announcing today will do exactly that. Blake, Sean, and Tom are vigorous, talented, and experienced. I have the utmost confidence that they will do an outstanding job,” Duncan said.

Now stop laughing like that! You'll hurt yourself, not to mention all the snot 'n' beverages you now have to wipe off your monitor and keyboard.

BTW anybody in DC legal circles who is acquainted with these two, feel free to leave a dropping o'knowledge in the Comments below. I'm on the trail of another story and by the time that's done will most likely have forgotten all about these sorry schmucks.

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