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The God(ess)(e)(s) Of Your Choice, If Any

Denver Post:

[The number of pagans] roughly doubles about every 18 months in the United States, Canada and Europe, according to the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance.

Nice growth curve.

People, especially teens, are rejecting what they see as the "autocracy, paternalism, sexism, homophobia and insensitivity to the environment" of some more traditional religions, the Canadian group concludes.

About time...

The Ontario group and other researchers now estimate American Wiccans number between 750,000 and 1 million.

"We don't really know the numbers," Brennan said. "Most witches and pagans are semi-closeted, or so deeply closeted because of prejudice we don't even know they're there."

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life's 2007 survey found less than 0.4 percent of the U.S population to be practicing pagans. Even so, their numbers are quickly approaching those of U.S. Muslims, at 0.6 percent, and Buddhists, 0.7 percent.

"You'll get no agreement on how Wiccans see God — or Goddess," Brennan said. "In Wicca, there is no 'you have to' and 'you can't.' There is no orthodoxy."

Maybe the virulence of monotheism can be mitigated ....

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Submitted by Auntie Meme on

Thanks for bringing the data to the surface. I couldn't find it within the Pew survey and was wondering about my ilk.

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I too hope a more dualistic religious view can help mitigate our cultures prediliction for women hating.

Bill Clinton for First Dude!!!