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The Global Pacification Industry

This is from an interview Jeff Halper, an Israeli peace activist, gave to TalkingStick, a show on a community station in Seattle. It took place in February 2010, but is very relevant to what is going on today with the Occupy movements because he is talking about the militarization of policing and the use of high tech weapons for crowd and population control (pacification).

The interview is an hour long, but it is packed with lots of information. There is a partial transcript that I found, which is the second link. I have excerpted a section from the transcript to try to give you and idea of the types of points he makes, and to show why they are relevant to what is happening currently. I do hope that some people can take the time to listen to the whole interview so they can highlight some of the concepts and discuss them.
"So, when the United States and Europe are looking around for military technologies, for technologies of security and policing, they look to Israel. No country has more experience in controlling masses of restive poor people than Israel does. So, you have to look at the occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza as a laboratory because here is where Israel is developing weaponry and tactics of what are called -- we're not really aware of, I think, the implications of these terms -- of "counterinsurgency." The powers that be have captured the language, which is one way in which they pacify us. In other words, if you go out in the street here in Seattle, and you ask people, "Who are the insurgents?" they'll tell you, "They are the bad guys." "Insurgents" are the "bad guys," you know? Insurgents are Al Qaeda, insurgents are whoever are in Iraq, and so on. But, wait a minute -- wasn't Paul Revere an insurgent? In other words, somehow we have taken the people -- insurgents are the people -- resisting oppression, exploitation, and we've made them the bad guys; and the states -- states that have always been oppressive, representing small classes of capital, and so on -- they become the good guys. It was a clash of civilizations: the rich capitalists are on the civilized side, and the peoples of the world, the vast majority of people in the world, are the insurgents, the bad guys. . . .

There's what's called the "Israeli pacification industry." The Israeli economy is based on exporting the occupation. We're exporting weapons. Israel is the third largest arms exporter in the world. Little Israel exports more arms than Britain or China. It's the third largest arms exporter in the world. The United States is No. 1 -- you guys have won hands down -- and then there's Russia, and France and Israel are tied for No. 3. So, it's exporting arms, making a lot of money from arms, exporting these approaches to counterinsurgency, working with local police forces all over the world. In a sense we really have to be aware of the fact that this exporting of the Israeli occupation outward has not only a global effect -- from the point of view of the United States taking these tactics and weapons and using them in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and so on -- but also they are being used internally. For example, Israel has basically taken over the security of many American airports. LAX: you had the mayor of Los Angeles and half the city council come to Israel last year to sign Israeli firms onto taking control over LAX. And Israel works intimately with local police forces. I challenge you listeners, whether here in Seattle or in other places, to go to your local police force and ask them: What relations do you have with the Israeli military? Is Israel bringing you to Israel in order to learn in the occupied territories how to deal with dissidents? (A lot of the people listening to this program probably fall into that category.) Is Israeli technology coming into your police force here at home? I'm telling you: there's a direct relationship between Israel's occupation and what's happening in your own local community." ........................

And, btw, the Seattle police did have Israeli training.

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