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The fiscal cliff is a scam, example #498722105

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Pentagon reportedly planning to double size of its worldwide spy network

The US military plans to send hundreds more spies overseas as part of an ambitious plan that will more than double the size of its espionage network, it was reported Sunday.

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Pentagon's military intelligence unit, is aiming to recruit 1,600 intelligence "collectors" – up from the several hundred overseas agents it has employed in recent years, sources told The Washington Post.

The Fiscal Cliff calls for substantial budget cuts if no agreement is reached before the end of this year. Obviously no one thinks that is going to happen, or they would not be floating this story.

Balancing the budget is just a scam for class warfare. None of the Very Serious People ever call for cuts to defense spending.

And why is the CIA overstretched? And do we really need 1,600 more spies?

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