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The first person to advocate violence is the informer

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[UPDATE: VIDEO PROOF] Was There a Police Plant at the Anaheim Protests Who Threw Bottles at Officers to Incite a Riot?

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Submitted by ubetchaiam on

When one looks at the second video, one hears the woman saying she's "not against you' and then shouting'who shot the women and children,etc.' BUT the woman shouting that does not have a discernnible tatto on the arm that was pointed out in the first video.

That PD's use agent provocateurs -as well as other governmental agencies such as the FBI- is a known fact but there has to be better proof that what is being offered on OCWeekly before any legal action can be taken.

Submitted by lambert on

Interesting point on the tatoos. Then again, if I were a police informer, one thing I might consider is an identifying mark, easily recognizable on video, that can be easily applied and then washed off. So much better than a false moustache or a wig! Not that I'm paranoid.

Submitted by hipparchia on

Not that I'm paranoid.

you still could be paranoid, but at least you're not alone. i've been wondering lately myself about the uses and utility of fake tattoos.

Submitted by hipparchia on

originally, i was thinking on ways to disguise oneself from the near-ubiquitous surveillance cameras and the recognition software that can be used on the resulting images and the databases that can be built from all that. and one day recently i was out an about and saw a couple of joggers sporting little in the way of clothing and lots of tattoos and got started wondering if changing your tattoos the way you change your clothes would be a useable disguise, and whether that would be a good thing ot a bad thing.