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The Elites Have Always Been for the Elites

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Today is not the first time the New York Times has urged elites to step in and stop people from destroying the country by voting. From the 1915 New York Times Editorial on the proposal to give women the vote:

The question involved is not new, all the arguments of the suffragists are old and were long ago refuted and sent to limbo. Their ceaseless and noisy agitation has not developed a single new idea. Woman suffrage would result either in a needless political muddle or in a social and political turmoil which would tend to weaken the State, to stir up discord in society and in the home, and would put obstacles in the way of progress which the wisest statesmanship might fail to overcome.

(h/t Tennessee Guerilla Woman)

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"Their ceaseless and noisy agitation..."

Could they have expressed any more contempt for basic human rights and democracy itself? I shouldn't be shocked by this. I remember reading how Time attacked Billie Holiday for recording and releasing "Strange Fruit," which they condemned as NAACP "propaganda."

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thank you for this.

(no wonder you guys have become my FAVORITE BLOG in the last month or two.)