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The economy's doing so great, Obama's going to share his "vision" for it. Again

Oh, come on. Who's going to be fooled by this?

My vision for the economy includes throwing banksters in jail. Until that happens, nothing else is going to "work" (except for the banksters and their servants and retainers).

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... that everyone except me, Mich, the kids and the good banks, insurance companies, oil companies, real estate people, and billionaire good folks that let me be their bag man (and a few of the good folks who have worked for me to deceive and screw American citizens), may soon meet their Maker in poverty, indignity and sickness."


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the painting done already;) Yes just more theater for the sheeple.

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Here's the Democrats' and the Administration's REAL agenda:

From "Roll Call," Hawkings Here

Senate Republicans Hold Fate of Obama’s Next Grand Bargain Push

By David Hawking
Posted at 11:44 a.m. on July 22

. . . As my colleague Niels Lesniewski has reported, Majority Leader Harry Reid has decided to abandon the customary strategy for moving spending bills in times of tight budgets, which is to seek relatively easy victories at the outset for the politically popular bills — covering defense and veterans programs — and hold off on the more polarizing domestic and social policy measures until the end.

He’s essentially challenging the GOP, from the outset, to cast votes that show their readiness to cancel the sequester so that both guns and butter can be funded at levels that don’t require such deep cutbacks. . . .

If the filibuster isn’t broken, it would signal that few, if any, of the dozen regular spending bills are going to be passed by the Senate before the new budget year begins on Oct. 1. That would mean another year of status quo impasse . . .

But if a bipartisan super majority moves ahead with the budget-challenging spending levels, that would deliver a strong signal to Obama that he’s got an opening to make cancellation of the sequester a part of any year-ending budget deal.

He [Obama] also wants to include more tax revenue from the rich, a slowed trajectory for Medicare spending increases and a long-term rise in the ceiling for federal borrowing.

As on the fiscal cliff earlier this year, and on immigration and student loans this past month, all eyes are on Republicans in the Senate.

(Alexa: Except is it "balderdash" that the Dems or the Repubs plan to increase taxes "on the wealthy or the corporations." Please see my comment from "The Financial Times" earlier this week.)

That may be it. It looks like all the President's schoomzing and dining with Repubs may finally achieve the rollback of the Sequester, and the passage of a Grand Bargain.

Please call your Senators and oppose the "replacement" of the Sequester with a "Grand Bargain."