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"The Dullest, Most Vital Skill You Need to Become a Successful Manager"

LinkedIn. Normally, I'd be very suspicious of a post that cites Ben Horowitz, Jeff Bezos, and Andy Grove; two CEOs and a venture capitalist, one of whom (Jeff Bezos) is contending simulaneosly for the title of World's Worst Oligarch and Owner of World's Largest Business Yet To Make A Profit [cheers!]. Of course, this is posted in LinkedIn:

Written communication creates lasting consistency across an entire team because a piece of writing is leveragable collateral from which everyone, from marketing to sales to QA to engineering, can work and consult.

Accountability spreads as a manager’s written work product — product requirement documents, FAQs, presentations, white papers — holds the manager responsible for what happens when the rest of the team executes on the clearly articulated, unambiguous vision described by the documents.

Writing out full sentences enforces clear thinking, but more than that, it’s a compelling method to drive memo authors to write in a narrative structure ...

The main point of [writing as a] self-disciplinary process is to force yourself “to be more precise than [you] might be verbally”, creating “an archive of data” that can “help to validate ad hoc inputs” and to reflect with precision on your thought and approach.

Accountability, coherence of thought and planning, and commitment to vision and mission are amazing benefits of what too many consider a ho-hum, even old-fashioned, tool.

I think this works or can work on the left, too. (Maybe we need fewer physical meetings in the form of, say, "General Assemblies," and more boring memo-writing?)