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The DNC's Perfectly Lovely Ladies' Outreach

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Riverdaughter's post today is a hilarious must-read.

Don't know about you guys, but I'm fine with feminist women using stereotype-based humor like this; some of you may disagree. Similarly, I give far more latitude to men, GLBTs, ethnic, racial and religious groups to satirize their own groups. I freely state I'd be pissed to read something similar on Olbermann's blog. Riverdaughter's earned the right to speak so; KO hasn't. Simple. The whines I often hear about this "double standard" seem either disingenuous or humanity-bereft; I'm never sure which it is.

The US Senate’s Ladies Auxilliary met on Tuesday to discuss women’s issues... [and] finished with a demonstration on scrapbooking campaign memorabilia.

In attendance were Senators Diane Feinstein (CA), Barbara Mikulski (MD), Amy Klobuchar (MN) and Barbara Boxer (CA).

Senator Claire McCaskill... represented the Ladies Outreach Volunteers of the Obama campaign. Senator Hillary Clinton... was not in attendance. action items were proposed at this time. Among the issues of greatest importance were, ensuring that women receive equal pay; keeping jobs in America; making healthcare more affordable; providing benefits for military veterans; and protecting the environment. For the last item, a garden party was proposed for the next event with container gardening as the theme.

...The colors chosen for [the Denver convention] were coral, ocean and sand....Senator McCaskill suggested that this might be a splendid opportunity for Senator Clinton to apologize to Senator Obama for running but... Senator Lincoln (AR) thought that a sincere and polite, hand written note on personal stationary would be more appropriate...

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and I agree with your introduction -- intention and context are extremely important and context, especially, changes when one is speaking within and about one's own group.

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I think the scrapbooking idea is great. Maybe we should start one....

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