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The Democrats sure aren't giving Jack Trammell a lot of help

I hate to quote the Washington Times, but since they actually covered the story, this from August 6:

Jack Trammell, the Democratic nominee to fill ousted Rep. Eric I. Cantor’s seat in Virginia, has not yet filed personal financial disclosure forms, putting him on the wrong side of federal law and leaving voters in the dark about the college professor’s income, investments and potential debts.

Federal disclosure rules require congressional candidates to file ethics forms a month after they become serious candidates — triggered when they are nominated by a party or when they raise at least $5,000.

Mr. Trammell became a serious candidate for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District seat on June 8, meaning he should have filed his disclosure by the middle of July.

Alerted to his failure, Trammell campaign manager Beth Cope blamed an “oversight” and said they will file soon.

She said the campaign had received assurances from the House Office of the Clerk that no fines would be issued if he files by Aug. 16.

No followup, so I assume the Trammell campaign took care of this. But here we've got a novice candidate; Trammell is only in the race because his right wing opponent, David Brat, miraculously took down Eric Cantor. Do the Democrats want Trammell to make a go of it against Brat? Or do they want to stifle him? Based on performance so far, I'm going with "stifle." After all, don't parties, and in particular party chairs, exist to help novice candidates like Trammell navigate around these pitfalls? So WTF?

And now read this pathetic stuff:

James Carr, the Libertarian candidate in the general election, failed to submit the 1,000 signatures required for a third-party candidate to qualify for the special election by Friday’s deadline. He plans to sue the Virginia State Board of Elections over the signature requirement.

The Democrats can't manage a tiny little dirty trick to get that libertarian on the ballot and suck off votes from Brat's right? Come on. The Republicans do that with Greens stupid enough to fall for it. A thousand signatures? The Dem regulars really aren't lifting a finger. Except to jam Trammell into the Blue Dog box, of course:

Trammell hopes that the nomination of Brat, who ran as a tea party favorite, will open the door for Democrats to take back a district that has been firmly in Republican hands since the early 1970s.

The regulars are laughing in their sleeves at this guy.

“In the 7th District, there is a bandwidth of people who vote for both Republicans and Democrats who are tired of extremism we see in Washington today,” Trammell said Friday.

The Democrat realizes that in order to win against a GOP candidate in a historically Republican-leaning district it requires the support of moderate Republicans.

“One thing I talk to moderates about is fiscal responsibility, and I want to make sure my message resonates with these moderate Republicans,” he said.

If Trammell gets in, which will never happen, next thing you know he'll be signing on to next year's version of the Grand Bargain, and gutting Social Security. Because moderate Republicans are for that, right? I mean, like the Democratic leadership, and the Republican leadership, and the rest of the political class. So, to be fair, he'd be in good company.

I hold no brief for the kind of identity politics Trammel practices. But the poor schlub doesn't deserve what's being done to him.

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Submitted by jo6pac on

if he is a true progressive the only way dnc will help is he has to sell out to them

Submitted by lambert on

It's not Dem vs. Progressive, 1 to 1. It's Dems vs. Not-Dems, 1 to Many. I don't think Trammell is a "progessive" unless you identify progressivism with his brand of identity politics, which I don't, although he has the merit of being sincere about them.