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"The day I left my son in the car"

Horrible story. Of course, if you have "people for that," you never go shopping with your kid, and so they never get left in the car, even for a minute.

The other things that amazes me is the guy who used his cellphone to film the kid in the car, and the license plant, and then ratted out the mother to the cops. If the guy was that worried, you'd think he could have waited by the car for a few minutes to see if the mother came out of the store. But n-o-o-o-o-o!!!!!

I deprecate generational analysis but Jeebus, teaching post 9/11-kids that an adult had to be with them every single moment is just sick. I remember riding my bike to and from school, alone, or going to the university library to read books, alone, or going out to catch butterflies with my friends, with no adult around at all. Amazing and horrible.