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The Dark Side

Jane Mayer's The Dark Side, which Leah sent me.

Eesh, it's all true, just like we said.

Except worse.

I suppose you could argue that the Unity schtick is the only way to talk the Republicans down off the ledge -- from where, if they jump, they could drag the entire country. Their collective sociopathy is deeply impacted, and they were loons even before facing the loss of power and possible retribution and accountability for their crimes. And since Unity, by definition, means no accountability, the idea no doubt makes the Republicans very happy. (Modulo strange bedfellows like Bruce Fein.)

On the other hand, Unity without accountability doesn't mean "healing." All it means is putting a bandage over the wound to the country and the Constitution without healing it, where, unseen, suppuration will continue.

It's a horrific dilemma. On the one hand, McCain caved on the MCA and every evil fuck on the dark side is going to stay in power if he staggers to a win. On the other hand, the fundamental issue is executive power, and somehow I don't see a movement centered on the leadership qualities of a single charismatic individual as driven to surrender claims of executive power. ("But we're good.") And then, of course, there's FISA.

Fucking Village.

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Submitted by makana44 on

Like Obama had to lie about his bona fides to the left in order to win the nomination, McCain has had to lurch dramatically to the right. If he didn’t come dressed up like a fascist in drag he couldna and wouldna won. But I do not believe that's how he would govern. Especially if he keeps to his promise of a single term. Especially with a heavily Democratic congress. Maverick Man would fly again. Remember this was the guy we hated to love in 2000. And the guy who Kerry may well have taken as his VP in 2004 had he agreed to it. And weirdly enough, he missed the vote on FISA. Say what you will, but unlike both Bush and Obama, the guy’s got character. He’s been through hell and back again. I know this is heresy. I know my left testicle could get roasted over an open fire for saying it. But I gotta say what I believe to be true. I think if McCain wins he’d blow our gourds. On the other hand, Obama has been a scumbag every step of the way. A lyin’ one at that. And now he’s on some maniacal messianic trip. And he just does not deserve it. The emptiest of the empty empty suits. What has this guy done except screw people, hang with ass holes, and spew hot air. And the people he’d drag in along with him are absolutely insufferable. And the Democratic leadership have sold their souls to the devil. It bodes bad to the bone. I grew up in the inner city and I'm a hard core liberal progressive Democrat. And my gut tells me, fucked as it is, McCain’s the right one this time around. And it would do good to knock them traitor D’s off their friggin’ high horses. They ain’t done shit for us.

Submitted by lambert on

If anything, that's worse than FISA.

Maverick man will fly again....

Is there anybody, anywhere, in this friggin election that isn't completely demented?

[ ] Very tepidly voting for Obama [ ] ?????. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

Is there anybody, anywhere, in this friggin election that isn’t completely demented?

No. When you have demented people (the press) picking your candidates, you end up with demented people running the parties (and I don't just mean McCain and Obama).

The press, for whatever reasons, loves assholes. Set aside the Democratic Primary, look at the GOP one. Now, I disagree vehemently with Mitt Romney on just about everything, but he strikes me as personally being a nice man. I think I could have a perfectly pleasant dinner with Ann and Mitt Romney. McCain, OTOH, is an asshole. So is Huckabee and his animal torturing kid.

Now, who did the press hate the most?

Romney. I watched a debate where McCain flat out lied about Romney and the press the next day did the whole "Romney camp claims McCain is lying. McCain denies it."

Not that I'm crying any tears for the Mittster, but I think it's telling that the press so often flocks to the jackass. Which may be why they are so confused this election season on who to root for, they have two jackasses to choose from.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

It's about accountability, IMO. If a pol--especially ones with messianic feelings of grandeur--are allowed to lie with impunity, or have their minions lie with impunity, they will do so. As evil as McCain is, Obama's been implicitly told he or his folks can lie with impunity (the "darkened photo", Racism(TM), RFK, . . .). It is my view that Bush was so bad because he wasn't accountable for anything. Obama's faults and caves are being universally accepted amongst his supporters because...? Oh yeah, he's a Democrat.

Submitted by lambert on

See this post and the animals tags. (We were actually ahead of the press on how Huckabee's son killed that dog.)

Not, of course, that anybody uses our free oppo. No, no, no, no, no.

[ ] Very tepidly voting for Obama [ ] ?????. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by Gidget Commando on

Now, I disagree vehemently with Mitt Romney on just about everything, but he strikes me as personally being a nice man.

You must not live in Massachusetts.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

but have some knowledge of the Romneys outside of their public life, which is what I was talking about. His policies are awful and definitely not nice. But I stand by my belief that he's much less of an asshole than John McCain or Mike Huckabee (an admittedly low bar).

On some level, nearly all politicians are assholes. So I'm talking relative assholery here.

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Submitted by makana44 on

Maverick Man

Meaning the man who goes against the grain. The man who in 2001, before he began running for President, was one of only two Senate Republicans to vote against the Bush tax cuts and in 2003 voted against the second round of Bush tax cuts. The man who, before he took on the persona of extreme right wing lunatic, worked with Russ Feingold for seven years to enact campaign finance reform. The man who before he received Bush's kiss worked with Ted Kennedy to advance comprehensive immigration reform involving legalization and guest worker programs and who was (and still is) detested by the Limbaugh’s of the world. The man who, when Jim Jeffords became an Independent and threw control of the Senate to the Democrats, defended him against against self-appointed enforcers of party loyalty. The man who in 2003, co-sponsored legislation that would have returned greenhouse gas emissions to 2000 levels. The man who was the first Republican with the cojones to call out Donald Rumsfeld as an incompetent scumbag The man who led the effort that preserved the ability of senators to filibuster judicial nominees. The man who in 2004, had the best favorable-to-unfavorable rating (55 percent to 19 percent) of any national politician. The man who had no choice but to become Adolph’s nephew if he wanted to run for President on the Republican ticket to somehow counterbalance the fact that he really doesn’t give a shit about Republicanism. The man who actually is competent and has displayed great character in many ways.

And who is the other guy. Barack Hussein Obama? Tell me who he is? Tell me what he stands for? Show me one thread of decency and working for the good in his whole career. Show it to me!! If this man wins with a Democratic supermajority he will have ABSOLUTE POWER. Read that again. It is incontrovertible. It always corrupts. Show me his heart. Show me his integrity. Show me his character. Show me his commitment to any cause that doesn’t advance his own cause. So you want to give him that power on a world stage? You want to give the “Nancy, Harry and Steny show” absolute power too? You want to give them the ends to justify their means? You want to shut the door on the Clintons forever? You want to institutionalize the new right-of-center Democratic party and the new “D Lane to K Street”?

I’ll take Sidney over Hussein any day. Was that racist? Nope. Just direct. I’ll take a divided government over absolute power any day. Obama in the white House is a disaster. A nightmare. I’m not a PUMA but I’m with them. Let these guys get away with the travesty of this year’s nominating process and you will have lost any Democratic party that is truly responsive to the base-that-was but is-no-more. Elect a scumbag – verifiable, and you don’t need no linky goodness because we’ve read it all and decided to push it back to the parts of our brains that suck lollipops and read comic books – and you’ll get what the big boys paid for. Bush III with a golden tongue.

I can't believe I'm defending John McCain, and actually even writing this at all. I am a Democrat. And fuck anyone who says otherwise. I’ve voted for every one of them since JFK, and worked my ass off for several of them. But this year is extreme to the max. Barack Obama is no Democrat. He’s an opportunist. Someone who so dangerous it makes me ill. From the dark side, indeed.

Submitted by lambert on

... it would be awfully hard to differentiate "going against the grain" from a constant series of opportunistic shifts or from random variation. Because the grain changes all the time, eh?

I think the character test was the MCA. McCain is the go-to Senator on torture, for obvious reasons. And he folded like a deck chair for Bush, and let torture go ahead, unaccountably. I think presenting McCain as a man of character and integrity is just idiotic, for that reason.

The MCA episode was disgusting, especially when you consider the sheer craven-ness and stupidity of it, since McCain would be a hero now if he'd forcefully stood up to Bush and done the right thing, and, I'm sure, the thing he knew was right.

Just like Obama's FISA vote, if it comes to that.

[ ] Very tepidly voting for Obama [ ] ?????. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by Damon on


Your responses to lambert's original post seem to be a bit disproportionate, to say the least, and lambert's criticism of McCain didn't seem to be off point, at all, nor was it gratuitous bashing.

Brevity is the soul of wit, and you really are protesting too much, don't you think? Reading your responses, makana44, you'd think lambert had slandered McCain, and he did not such thing. You then go off in to a disproportionate and generalized (when the criticism of McCain was anything but general) diatribe in defense of him. It doesn't make any sense.