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The Culture of Corruption

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Obama to headline April DCCC fundraiser in Calif.

President Obama will headline his first Democratic fundraiser of the 2014 election cycle at an event next month in San Francisco with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif).

Pelosi open to looking at Obama proposal to cut Social Security

I hope there is a massive protest at the April 4 fundraiser.

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Submitted by Hugh on

They keep circling and circling Social Security and Medicare. They have already legitimized cuts to Medicare in Obamacare. So that leaves Social Security. For all I know, they may have led with raising the retirement age as a kind of sacrifice play so their fallback, the chained CPI, would become the reasonable, principled position. In that, it would resemble their strategy in the healthcare debate: various feints but the core plan was baked in from the beginning. We should also have learned from the healthcare debate that no Democrat, zero, nadie, not one can be trusted on Social Security. The tell here is that there is no push to take the income caps off Social Security. Just as with healthcare the best alternative, Medicare for All, was taken off the table from the beginning so here A) Social Security is not a legitimate part of the budget debate and B) any future funding problems could be met by removing the caps (or if you use the power of our fiat currency, Social Security could be funded directly by fiat without taxing or borrowing).

Submitted by jawbone on

repeated here against SocSec and Medicare.

The guy is a master con artist. And he will negotiate in secret -- to our detriment. He must be thinking he has enough Repub votes now to be so obvious about how he 's going to screw us all. Well, those of us not in the One Percent or top 10 percent..

Again, as with the ACA, Obama assiduously ignores what the majority of people --not just his supporters, but all people-- want, which is to raise the cap on the amount of income subject to FICA.

Damn him.

What I don't understand is how the rank and file Dems in DC are willing to let Obama destroy the brand image of the Democratic Party and cut these elected DC Dems off at the knees.

But I don't understand how the Lib Dems in Britain go along with their feckless leader into supporting Cameron and the Conservatives, thus destroying their party reputation. And their own political careers.

Baffling. As in, what are they thinking?